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We were created, I believe, so I can stop thinking about how humans evolved. Beauty is the extravagance that makes us human, and there is no beauty without sacrifice.
The pursuit of beauty has emerged since my childhood: mastered the catwalk in high heels before I learnt to write, covered my bedroom walls with all my crazy little drawings, burnt the midnight oil to study just for a Polaroid promised by my dad etc.
My non-stop zeal for art and beauty has finally got me into an art school. The university nights were never lonely with the company of my dear brushes and paints. Instead of living the rest of my life with canvases, I chose a path to learn to become and act like somebody else, as all the adults would do.
Life without art was tasteless.
As Oscar Wilde puts it, "Be yourself; everyone else is already taken." Therefore I pulled myself together and walked out of the mist of social expectation. Being myself means, brewing a pour over coffee in my barista apron, switching among various lenses to find the perfect framing, and cherry-picking a desired collection of interior decorations.
My journey to pursue beauty continues, this time with you. Like beauty presents in different forms, you shine in countless moments, each time with a unique layer of your soul.     



I was told that even if we are entering into a parallel universe, we unfortunately cannot realize it. Each version of us is saved in a safe place and continues its own living. I have always believed that if there exists one thing which can pierce through the membranes, it has to be soul.

Art is the window to our souls.

It was a hot summer in Paris. Staring at my first fashion design work, two dresses dangling in the air, fastened with silver rivets, ornamented with violette tassels, I was in great fear--My design, despite stunning, had no soul. I missed the final runway as I wanted to run away from the judgement.

First encounter with art was not easy and the past six years were not plain sailing. Having steered my ship of life from garments to make-up, I further dabbled in interior design to satisfy my greedy appetite for art. 

Here I am, ready to explore your possibilities together with you, a timid you, a charming you, or an adventurous you, just like the way I discovered every bit of my soul and every possible ego.

We, hands held tight, are opening Parallel Egos studio, a place to encounter more beautiful souls, and a thousand versions they can transform into.


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